Thursday, 17 September 2009

Have you ever seen the sea this brown ? Of course, it's not the sea but the field behind our house which been plowed....but I like to call it the brown sea. The seagulls are hovering around which adds to the effect quite nicely.

I'm feeling quite earthy today as it was my first T'ai Chi class this term. We embrace the five elements; Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Metal. We learn in the perfect location - an old wooden guide hut with a metal roof, near a pond with a lovely garden - soft mossy grass and a huge tree. There's usually someone having a bonfire nearby to give us the fire ! I find an inner peace doing T'ai Chi - a time to banish thoughts and to breathe deeply & let go of stress.

Tomorrow I'm going with my mum for a trip on the Waverly paddle steamer which is here in the Solent for a while. It's a trip to the needles but we will pass Brownsey Island - home of the red squirrels and nicely linking me back to what this post started about....the brown sea !

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  1. Fields always inspire, especially freshly ploughed ones; full of hope for next season after giving up a wonderful harvest in this one.
    Enjoy Tai Chi :) Xx