Monday, 7 September 2009

Why the linen shelf ? I like all things natural; wood, stone, slate etc & natural materials like cotton & linen & especially natural colours.

I went to art college after school long long ago and did a foundation course specialising in textiles. I then went travelling and later raised a family both of which I love doing. Apart from making a lovely home, I haven't done much artistically except hand made cards for the past year.

I have been inspired by the creative bloggers I've found ( or should that be Kreativ ?) and I want to start dabbling again myself - hence the shelf. My art materials have sat on the shelf ( in the loft ) for far too long.

So this is a journey I am beginning to unearth my creative side. I will need your help and expertise and patience.

Thank you



  1. Hi - thanks for the heads up on your new blog and lots of good luck wishes for you!

    Did you know that I have two main blogs

    * a mixed media textile art blog; and

    * a general textiles/art/home/life/suff blog

    I actually have 7 blogs in all but some are private ones with other and some are about other stuff - I think I have a blog addiction problem!

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough!

    I am your first follower, but I am sure you will get many!


  2. Hello, and thanks for visiting by blog. to answer your question, I print images on my printer onto "fabric" sheets that are made specifically for printers. You can transfer printed images onto fabric with acrylic gel medium or solvent (check the internet or art books for methods) but I find using the fabric sheets is the easiest. As for copyright-free images, you can pick up very old postcards and books at fleamarkets, or again check the internet. Hope this helps a wee bit!

  3. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment about my blog! Good luck with your journey to your creative side!

  4. Good grief! I blame myself... once you'd got one blog I should have known you'd get addicted!

    Have a good creative journey petal.