Sunday, 11 October 2009 what is his story ? Difficult to ask too many questions on a silent retreat !
I do know the land was under Turkish rule at one point... could have got the bullet holes then. They certainly ain't moth holes !!!
I should have asked Aristidis. Ah well, next time.
I have asked Griffin to write my bullet hole boys' story but like me he is poorly at the mo. After I got home I caught THE BUG / LURGY/ VIRUS FROM HELL.
I haven't eaten for two days and I had wanted to cook the family a lovely meal. I usually unpack & get the wash on immediately but my things are strewn all over the landing. I curled up & watched The Magnificent Seven. Dillon can't understand why we haven't had our lovely long walk.
My dear friend Su thinks I have Swine flu but I think it's not. The trouble with me is I always look well... a " healthy glow " even when I feel terrible. My skin is a glowing pink & I'm loosing weight so something good may come from this bug.
I hate being like this... will miss my course for the second week and have double to catch up. I want to get out for coffee with friends & a good dog walk, see my washing flapping on the line, cook my family supper Greek style !
I came home to bad news about my brother in Thailand - financial trouble as his restaurant has been cut off while a new road is built and he is marooned with no customers, trying to keep on his staff. His wife has left him. At least he is in touch with the family again.
The horrible thing is that I probably caught this bug on the plane. I was chatting to people in the queues. " Have you had a nice holiday ? ".... well, it wasn't really a holiday - I've been on a T'ai Chi retreat... " ooh, I've had a day at the Sanctuary luv "
For lots of pictures from my retreat
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  1. Hope you've got plenty of loo roll in! It would be great to know the story behind bullet hole boy. Keep warm & near to amenities...LOL XXX

  2. thx...have loo roll!

    I aploodise for LACK OF SPACING !!! Computer says "No" ...AGAIN !

  3. oops that should be APOLOGISE !

  4. Ah same issues here, bleeding blogger!!!

    I think the bullet holes are probably just to ad to the overall ambiance of the place!!! Get well soon. I am off to the GP, my virus is hanging around. Be well

  5. Awww Penny I'm sorry to read you're not well and the news of your brother.
    Get well soon! Xx

  6. Thanks - his was the picture that really had me wondering, too!

    You poor thing. Do check it's not Swine Flu if it doesn't go away, won't you? BTW, the French have gone very boring and we now have to call it Grippe A, not Grippe Porcine any more. Doesn't sound half so exciting, to me...

    Get well very soon, Penny. Thinking of you and your brother.

  7. Thank you everyone. Slowly feeling better. Ate some pasta yesterday....I've lost weight Yippee ! Bah - the kidz have it now !

  8. Hello! I found you here, there is n o getting away from me! Sorry to hear about your brother and the lurgy, which I seem to have to, its just not getting any better at the moment. I hope you feel better really soon! I am sending out good vibes to you and your family! Suzie. xxx

  9. Playing catch up on other people's blogs...... Hope you are up and about by the time you read this. I am sitting feeling full of snot and grot as i type........

    I love the photo under this post (the paint peeled door)... B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

  10. Hello
    Just found you through Menopausal slippery fingers!!
    I live in Crete, where did you go to retreat??
    I'm really interested.
    I went to the UK for my daughter's wedding ages ago and have felt awful (uncluding dreaded flu since)
    I shall definitely be back, love your chat..

  11. Hey Jude ( sorry couldn't resist ) I went to Mitilene in Lesbos. I'll pop over to say hi on your Blog xx