Thursday, 12 November 2009

Another challenge ! This time from

dans ma maison il y a .... du bleu

I think the boy is looking " quite blue " having being sent to his room !

I used print outs from photographs I took at the fabulous farmhouse where I stayed on a retreat recently on the beautiful Greek Island of Lesbos. The little key is from my jewellery box I've had since I was a child.

Really enjoyed doing this

thank you for the challenge !


  1. I really like that key, it really gives the whole challenge a depth doesn't it. A feeling of mystery! Really great Penny. I am really enjoying watching your progress! suzie. xxx

  2. as I'm going away I shall use this as my three muses challenge next week - theme keys !!!

  3. I adore this one, that boys has such a grumpy look, just like MiniMad!! Enjoy your break - I love Wales

  4. Fabulous 'maison' Penny! hope you're having fun: nothing like a bit of creative therapy hey! hugs Nettie

  5. poor fella does look a little down in the mouth ;) Lovely creation and use of your fab getaway photos and special key!

  6. Très jolie maison Penny, merci d eta participation et bienvenue sur notre blog de challenge ;-)