Friday, 6 November 2009

I've been looking for some stamps as I only had one but a lot of the companies doing the ones I want are in the States.

Anyway, I was having quite a stressful day which was getting worse.

In the afternoon I had to drop one dog off at the dog therapy swimming pool ( he's very old and I do this as a treat for him. Golden Retrievers just love swimming ! ) Then I had to take the younger dog for a good walk & it was blowing a stink & raining hard. Great.

As I passed the old guide hut I saw that the craft shop was doing one of their workshops in there ( they had to leave their shop premises when the landlords put up the rent astronomically. Now it is an estate agents & we already have three... it's only a village !

Anyway, I went in and bought a few stamps. Most weren't what I wanted at all but I found three I liked and Jamie the owner popped a free one in my bag too. He's also going to let me know when they have a sale of ex card making stamps.

One of them had beautiful French script. With my school girl French & lack or reading glasses with me I wondered what It said. Jamie assured me that our French cafe owner had translated it & it was a love poem !

So I'm really pleased and it brightened up my day.
I had a little go earlier and my kids said of the above one:
" Oh that's by... by... by... that Bloke " !!!
yeah That Bloke


  1. I had to smile as I've ordered this very stamp myself. I love what you've done with him! I can't wait to see what you do with your other goodies! script stamps are some of my favs, so useful! M

  2. Yeah, that bloke... Leonardo di Caprio or somefink innit?!

    How about doing some linocuts or get some pine and a chisel and do a woodcut... just don't get him outdoors to sharpen it first as you are clearly a liability with anything sharp!!!

    You could even do a potato print like wot we used to do as kids.

  3. Great story - can't wait to see if I could make head or tale of your French poem (no guarantees).

  4. Margaret who do you order from ?

    Hey Griffin - er, no innit !!!

    Floss... My daughter had a great story earlier. Her friend's French teacher asked her class if they could translate something. One girl who is half French couldn't so rang her dad... who couldn't either & told them it was very old French. They told the teacher this - then asked, " do we still get a prize ? "

    Kidz - honestly !

  5. I know that bloke too, innit him on the telly?! Some documentary prog!
    Please may I have your snail mail addy? email me

  6. Yes, you mentioned that you were suffering from a lack of good rubber stamps and I never replied. What can I say. Any recommendations would have to be exported to you! I have some stamps I want to get rid of (so many things to photograph and list on etsy).

    Is it DaVinci everyone is grasping for?
    Good ol' "what's his name". :)

  7. Yes it is! Its that bloke! Glad there was a good outcome to your wet and windy day! suzie. xxx

  8. I love the thought of your wonderful lab having a good old swim. I am afriad I have no idea on the stamps, but I remember the bloke off panoramma I think???????

  9. As an art Historian, I just thought that kids would only know di Caprio - the one without a beard!

    Da Vinci is one of my favourite artists, but I prefer Michelangelo for his sonnets... and Caravaggio for being Trouble!

    MummyMad, I suspect Da Vinci would be on Tomorrows World rather than Panorama! But then he might well have been a science correspondent for Panorama and I missed him!

  10. ....I think the above image may have been used in World in Action or similar - but I do remember it !

    Griffin I meant er no - to me lino KNOW what I'm like with knives !

    I stayed for ages & ages looking at a Da Vinci at the national museum recently -or it could have been a Michelangelo ...I'm hopeless !

    DD wants to watch the Da Vinci code again !

  11. Hello! Thanks for calling by Cottontails :-)

    Lovely to meet you...

    Really nice to hear about the treat for your elderly dog, how lovely of you. Just the sort of thing I would do for Humphrey bunny. (Though not that obviously 99% of buns don't like water AT All!!)

    Just heading over the Hen House now!


  12. Yeah, I know that bloke too, wotsisname ... err... hope you have fun with your new stamps. I don't have many either because all the ones I like are from American companies and stamps cost so much on ebay ....