Thursday, 26 November 2009

A little extravagant of me - one of those times when they were ringing up the price before I'd checked it so I thought... " Sod it ! "

We have done the home made Advent calendars - the candle ones & the chocolate ones. Lovely ones sent by a lovely God mother too but I just loved this rusty bucket one !

It will go well with my decor... rust & buckets !

I'll add another photo when it is stuffed with goodies and on display.

Got a seventeenth birthday party to organise first.... not a party as such but a get together. DD is going to cook & two friends are coming early to make a cake for her. We have been banished to the pub !

Last year for her sixteenth she had half a dozen friends in for a James Bond themed evening. They all dressed up & the boys looked fab in their Dad's DJs !

We did games - pin the numberplate on the ... Aston Martin ( wee man supplied us with a picture )... " Who am I " with Bond character names and Charades from the Bond film titles.

It was hilarious. We decorated in black silver & pink all very stylish and borrowed a chocolate fountain. Great fun.


  1. The party sounded amazing, and this years is going to be great! Can I come. Oh, but I would be banished too. If you have to be banished, the pub sounds like a good place to be banished to! I love your rusty tin advent, it is so different and just my kind of thing too! Good luck in my giveaway! George is standing by for the draw tonight! suzie. xxx

  2. I'm coming too! I can pretend to be 17....Love the rusty buckets!!! xxx

  3. I LOVE your rusty buckets (!) advent calendar and I've been there done that too! Had a shock at the till and tried my best to hide it! Now it's yours, don't feel guilty just enjoy!

    Carolyn ♥

  4. I love the advent calender. I have just finished making ours this afternoon, need some pictures now.

    Good luck with the party. I am a Christmas babe too!!