Monday, 30 November 2009

Massimo Giacon, Mibo, Alexander Girard, Eric Carle

when I saw the Massimo Giacon Nativity set in a magazine
- I thought it was playmobil !!!

The Kings are hilarious but I can't find a picture !
Oh thank you MummyMad found one !

What is your Nativity set like ?
I have the one we grew up with

which my brothers & I added plastic farm animals to

and made a tin foil star


  1. That is brilliant! I haven't got one anymore! Sad isn't it? I am nativityless this christmas! I think it is lovely to keep christmas from our childhood alive though! I have a santa I made for my Mum and Dad when I was about 5. It is made from a toilet roll and has a very iffy face! Suzie. xxx

  2. a friend has a loo roll & doiley Angel they call Hitler Angel as her son rather over did the mouth & it looks like a litte moustache. I suppose it could be Charlie Chaplin too !

  3. Aha - I will be unveiling my childhood one tomorrow!!

    We also have a lego or was it playmobile one I bought in the sale last year. Now I am not sure... oh and I need to hang my little home made stockings up too.

    My mum has 2 fur snowmen which hang in her hall that I made as a child and a stoking on the trree that I cross stitched. I am now a true beleiever in the memories are woven in to them, rather than buying a new one!

  4. you can fins the kings here - I was intregied and had to find them!!

  5. I love the girard set and found something a bit similar a while ago in a charity shop. We bring out the same pop-up book every year. It's beautiful and when opened out completely depicts the entire nativity scene.

  6. I have an ancient one from years back, Billy has just been 'arranging' it for me!!!!

  7. Love them all, they are sooo funny and unique!

  8. I'm loving the shepherd with his stubbly chin! Wonderful!

  9. ... Yeah and look at how the innkeeper's wife is looking at him !!!