Saturday, 19 December 2009

when I lit a candle tonight
the light shining through to my jar of sea urchins
was stunning
we gathered these early one morning
on a deserted beach in Antigua
last Christmas


  1. WOW! What a gorgeous memory to have! :O)

  2. I love candlelight! And sea urchins, and yep, I couldn't help looking at your post! suzie. xxx

  3. Wow, I have said this before - fantastic

  4. Candlelight is perfect this time of year. Lovely picture, Penny. Xx

  5. gorgeous urchin collection you have there!

    inspired by a shop in Florida, I glittered the sea urchins we collected on Sanibel Island and added a little charm on top ... gilding the lily I know, but they do look sweet

    on Martha Stewart they put a hanger on top and let sparkly threads stream out the bottom making the urchin look like a jellyfish = lovely too!

    sorry so chatty ;)

  6. I love chat Patty !

    I'll have to look at Martha Stewart !

  7. this is so serene and beautiful! thank you for sharing it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to knowing you better in 2010!

  8. Love your jar of urchins! I have collected pocketsfull from some coastal beaches here in Maine, but not nearly as many as in your jar - such a great picture. Best wishes to you for a great Christmas from a US Penny