Saturday, 30 January 2010

Everyone in Blogland is doing it...
getting out their old sewing machines of course !
Mum gave me her old Singer when she downsized
as it had been in storage
Later she gave me the booklets she'd since found -
and I couldn't remember even having the sewing machine !
Imagine my horror when I located it in our leaking shed !

I used to love playing with the little bobbins.
Mum made her own wedding dress -
I am no sewer & hated needlework class at school
but I do want to learn to use this
I'm certain there is another sewing machine in the loft
which we acquired when we moved back from Spain
and the removal man lost some of our belongings
(a pine trunk full of clothes, linens & lace sadly )
We took him to court but it got very nasty -
last we heard that he was in prison for drug running
I've always wondered who the sewing machine belonged to and...
whether she has my things !


  1. What a treasure that Singer is! And so sorry about the loss of the one of my moves cross country the movers lost two boxes of my photo albums, it was heart breaking.

  2. It was heartbreaking as it had lovely treasures.

    We learned our lesson - do not use a man & a van however cheap - use removals.

    This man we later found out was a nasty piece of work so we decided to put it all behind us. We had not paid him the balance of the removal cost.

    But fifteen years later I still get upset.

  3. When we went to live in Italy we took all my stuff with us in a trailer, when we came back, my brother hired a large van and fetched our belongings and Paul, while me and Amy flew I never lost anything thankfully. xxx

  4. would love to hear about your time in Italy Tracey - perhaps when I come and stay ? Where is Linconshire ?

  5. You prat! LOL It's on the east coast!!!!!!!!! Google my address! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. What a lovley machine, you can go on the singer site and enter its serial number and it will tell you when it was manufactued.

  7. What a great treasure, glad it's in safe hands!

    I'd love you to join us on 'Dress Up' send me an email offline (my addy in full profile) and I can send you the template and all the info about photo transfers, you could use all your little gems in this project!

  8. Ohhhhh I love this machine! The case alone is a treasure...I have my Grandmother's "White" sewing machine which is in our livingroom as a side table...when the sewing machine comes out is is a beautiful black with ornate leafing in golds and reds (treadle machine) was one of my most prized treasures!
    thanks so much for sharing this...makes my heart warm! :)

  9. Well needless to say I think your machine is a beauty, made even more special as it comes from your Mum. I'm sure you'll work out how to use it in no time, if not 'pop round' and I'd love to show you ;-)

  10. I want that sewing machine......... the modern ones just dont have the visual appeal, do they? Would love to peek inside the little books too........ lucky you. How awful re the loss of stuff during move though..........