Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It has been a while since I showed you one of my little treasures
which belonged my Great Auntie Wyn.
these little wooden rabbits with their leather ears are adorable.
Auntie Wyn holidayed quite a bit in the Lake District
so she may have bought them as a souvenir there
She liked to see the red squirrels
There are also photographs of her holidaying
in the seaside town of Largs on the Clyde coast
West Scotland
so she may have bought them there
( they are in a Tartan box after all ! )
what is even more special
is that it is the town my husband is from !!!
When we visit my parents in law
I think of Auntie Wyn
walking along the seafront
in her flapping coat & cloche hat & smart shoes
eating an ice cream from Nardinis
which is still there.


  1. You have painted such a lovely picture of your Auntie Wyn and times gone past..... I think those wee beasties are just lovely souvenirs.

  2. Wonderful memories of your Aunty. My husband had one of those rabbits and he used to visit the Lakes a lot, so you could be right! I'll ask him if I remember.

  3. What a lovley collective of rabbits (not sure of the currect noun), I love all your things and the stories behind them

  4. Have you ever thought about writing a novel? You describe things, people and settings so perfectly. Nice little bunnies

  5. aww Tracey that's kind - I did start notes just the once - I'd rather Blog !

  6. I love those, I want them! I thought they were chocs at first! suzie xxx