Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Great Granny feeding her chickens..
I must get it from her !
I'm pleased with this using some of the vintage French fabric
from a frayed cushion I have.
Ruby's feather is a glorious colour too.
Great Granny was by all accounts
a wonderful woman -
a teacher and wife to a gambling man
he lost the value of the house three times over I'm told !
Mum loved her dearly and she came to live
with mum & her parents
towards the end of her life.
She'll always be my " Great Granny "
and even though I never met her -
I feel we are kindred spirits


  1. A beautifully evocative piece Penny. Its a thing of beauty. Made me think of the need to be thrifty and I guess she may have had to practice thrift at times! Lovely.

  2. So beautiful, Penny. I know what you mean about feeling connected to your Great Granny despite never having met her. I feel the exact same way about mine. I think, in my case, it is because I loved my grandmother so . . . and as we all know, mothers have everything to do with all things good in their children. ;)

  3. What a lovely piece Penny, and very meaningful as well. You are clever!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful! Love the raw, rough and unfinished look of it all. Great story about your Great Granny. And what became of Great Pappy?

  5. I love how this piece looks a bit like a chicken coop! She sounds like an amazing woman :)

  6. what a beautiful collage and wonderful story! I love the time worn feel of it and that there is a story to it! :)

  7. This is beautiful! What are you going to do with it? Will you add it to something else or can you display it alone???? Inquiring minds want to know. And... my stuff is in a pile waiting to be shown... ha!

  8. Linda I'm getting to grips wth my art work - I plan a fabric journal of old photos & memorabilia ...Thanks for poppingg by x

  9. precious and oh so lovely Penny!
    a very special tribute to your GG :)

  10. thank you every one - I appreciate your comments

  11. wow! super piece of work Penny, love it when you do this kind of piece! the link you were after is:

    Although I think you look like you've just got along fine without it! Mx