Friday, 12 February 2010

A slice of heart cake anyone ? !

the last of my hearts...

I'm going to string them into bunting and put them up on Sunday .

The top three hearts are my favourites -

the one in the middle has an adorable photograph
of my then very young grand parents.

Pop over to Rebecca Sower's Blog for many more hearts...


  1. I love them, all so unique and full of your heart too.

  2. Oh, I love these so. They are achingly gorgeous to look at obviously heartfelt. Love the fact you've included a photograph of your grandparents in one of them.

  3. They're all lovely but I really like the one with the photo of your Grandparents.

    Beki xxx

  4. This is going to be the bestest bunting! (bestest??? how old am I?) suzie xxx

  5. ooo I really like these - someone on another blog was experimenting with sticky back plastic and putting things inside two sheets stuck together like flowers, tissue paper etc and cutting out hearts to hang in front of the window - they were pretty cool too! xxx

  6. Can't tell you how much I love your cute, sweet, creative Hearts .. and you have given me such a boost of confidence to try my luck at a heart or two for my FIRST collage project.

    I have said it before..and I need to say it again...ONE BLOG LEADS TO ANOTHER DELIGHTFUL ONE )...and I am SO happy I found yours. GOODNESS !
    I have joined this minute.

    (Laughing ) I wonder if we get some sort of warning bell...when we are following a record number of Blogs ?

    If you have time... and the interest, please come and see my blog..I think you might enjoy it. ~~AND I AM NOT SELLING A THING.~~

    Please be sure to check out my older posts as well.
    * Forgive any typeo's


  7. I am a fancier of hearts and these are each so lovely Penny!!!

  8. wow! so beauty! I like each of them! so fantastic and so heartly

  9. All of your hearts are exquisite!