Tuesday, 9 March 2010

inchie alphabet

F for feather - of course
one of Ruby's my Rhode Island Hen.
Rusty treasure from the beach
lettering from Vintage postcard
coffee dyed calico
and the most stunning leaf from my red robin shrub
the red brown & rust look fantastic together

G is for Garden...
been out in mine and collected a leaf from a potted palm
my favourite favourite colour
a delicate skeletal dried hydrangea petal
and some tiny buds from a flowering shrub
The fabric is a pretty floral scrap I picked up at the haberdashers.

Background favourite colour again
( the inside of a Hollister bag )
dried gypsopholer I picked when working on a farm in Israel
twenty two years ago...
I pressed it in one of my favourite books
the delightful
In and out of the Garden
by Sara Midda

Ok Ok
I'm doing this back to front !
H is for Hair...
mine to be exact !
kept from my pony tail
cut off aged 11.
I had very golden blonde hair
& my secondary school blazer was bottle green.
I went off wearing green for years
but now
I wear it all the time !

The silk I painted at a craft centre I go to
every year with a bunch of mums
from our village.
The h is from my name labels sewn into school uniform !
and the background
I blew some green ink onto sketch book paper through a straw !

Earlier on I did

oh these are teeny !
I joined another challenge here :

to create a piece of art in an area of one inch square
We are going through the alphabet and I have joined on letter I
My insect is on watercolour paper stained with inks
the image from a little book of insects


  1. They are teeny, but quite exquisite! suzie. xxx

  2. I saw these inchies (I think) on Margarets blog and am quite tempted myself.
    Well done on your first, looks great, what will you do with them once all completed?

    Beki xxx

  3. I'll put them in a little box or pot I think I'm going to try to catch up with A to H !!!!

  4. gorgeous, beautiful image and love the different colours on that watercolour paper

  5. What fabulous little works of art - the hair inchy is amazing - fancy keeping a lock of your hair and to use it in your art - inspiring

  6. I love the fact that you still have your hair and school labels!

  7. my mum kept a box of hair when we were babies & some of hers - she had glorious red hair. So I started a box when my children were born & asked mum for some of my pony tail back !

    They literally drew it into an elastic band & cut it all off ! I went from very long hair to very short as I wanted short hair for secondary school... my primary school teacher was dismayed when she saw it & uttered,
    " Oh Penny, your hair "

  8. Brilliant inchies...
    ..fabby backgrounds, Cant wait to see what you do with the rest of the alphabet :)

    Jan x

  9. Oh, I so love both of these - they are a visual delight. Love that you've include a piece of your eleven year old ponytail too.

  10. I love what you've gathered and done here and
    I also love this idea, go through the alphabet and do some form of art work! I wanted to do a series of drawings this way with vegetables and fruit...and you know there is something for every letter!!! it's amazing!

    thanks for the 're-spark' of inspiration!


  11. Fantastic inchies! The colour is amazing on H.


  12. I am in love with your blog. Lovelies! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  13. Brilliant! I love it!
    Did you go mousy or are you still a true blond???!! LOL xxx

  14. you'll see when I come & stay Tracey ! Just for you I'll dye it bottle blonde xx

  15. Super cool project Penny, love your little art so far, I'll be fab to see them all together. Mx

  16. Penny, there is SO much detail in your inchies, I can hardly believe these are truly one inch square. I am suspecting some metric manipulation! Haha. Wonderful submissions!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous inchies Penny. You are inspiration yourself! Hope you enjoy the challenges. I will be replying to your emails eventually (sorry!). We have got stuck into our cottage renovations again and I'm having a nightmare getting everything done! I'm so glad you have joined in the inchies xoxoxo

  18. they are 1 inch square ! I had to get an old tapemeasure for imperial ! I thought one inch was bigger !!!

  19. Your inchies are inspirational! Oh, should that be inchspirational? lol. I havn't made any in ages but these are fabulous and I have a sudden urge...

  20. Great ideas you have had for your inchies! They are lovely xx

  21. I really love these creations, really inspiring. I thought I was following you (or at least one of your blogs, but not sure if I was!) so I've just added myself here, apologies if I'm following you twice with a different image of myself - it used to be a collage with a bird head!

    You've inspired me to make some mini books. There's a contemporary textiles fair going on down here today so I might go and buy some fabrics to mix with paper, as I love mixing things up too!


  22. G is for wot?! A is for 'orses, B makes 'oney, C is wot boats sail on, D is wiv biskits...!

    P is for wot you shoulda done before you came out!!!

  23. I love love love your inchies! are you hooked?