Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Matchbox Swap

Ten of us have signed up to swap match boxes-
I think that's enough
as some of us - including me-
haven't done this before !
So transform your small sized matchbox
anyway you choose-
I set the theme:
Spring into Summer.
When you have completed your ten ,
keep one for yourself and send me the remaining nine
with your address enclosed.
When I have them all in
I'll package them & send them out.
My email to ask for my address is
Those playing are:
Fiona, Pixie, Jo, Kimmie, Oolebloops,
MessyMiss, Beki, Kim, Jan & me.
Have fun !


  1. Wahoo 10 matchboxes, that'll keep me busy! Off to the shop right now to stock up on boxes!!
    Have emailed you Penny :)

    Jan x

  2. Glad I caught your post - I forgot about this!!! Better get busy!!!

  3. ooo I'll be interested to see how this all turns out! :) xxx

  4. look forward to seeing the results. Have just done a mini-book swap and can't wait to receive it!


  5. Game's on! I'd better get started......


  6. Mine are in the mail - I hope they'll do!!!:>)

  7. Wow ! in the mail already - no hurry everyone when they're done they're done !

  8. I posted about them, and some inchies I completed. Take a peek - unless you want to be surprised!!!!

  9. spring into summer? Uh oh! I made my ten with no particular theme at all ...... do you think that will be ok? They turned out cool - even if they are theme naked.

  10. wow..great idea. I make books that go inside matchboxes and also turn them into mini shrines. I would love to see what you all do..are you putting finished boxes on display anywhere public?
    Sorry to be late but just came across a ref sbout it on someone's blog and so back tracked to see what it was all about! my blog which is an Art blog, and my photography blog is
    Thanksx lynda