Friday, 14 May 2010

spring into summer

If you don't want to see
my matchbox for the swap...
look away now !

Spring was a long time coming this year.
It was cold, frosty & ethereal

I used old Spanish linen
and lace from a Victorian style nightdress
I've has since Jess was born.
It's been in the dressing up trunk for years
& fitted out many a fairy or Angel.
The skeletal leaves
are cut out of
flower shop wrapper.

Summer is hot very hot
peeping through a window in Greece or Spain
whitewashed stone or plaster
lace curtains
geraniums in teracotta pots
and bright beaded curtains

more of the lovely
Spring into Summer treasures
next post


  1. I had to look, I couldn't wait. These are beautiful Penny! I love the fabric, buttons, colours, and inner picture. I also enjoyed the picture you painted with words. Delightful. x

  2. OH SO lovely and you always provide words to complete the creation ... just perfect!

  3. How wonderful! I love your 'bird' boxes. The use of fabric is a good idea too. I've only ever altered one matchbox, I wasn't too happy with my results but you've inspired me to give it another go some day!

  4. HOORAY!!!! Those adorable little boxes arrived this morning, so early (for once) that the postman got an eyeful of me in dressing gown and hair towel post shower. But I didn't care (though he might) because, YES, they're here! Thank you so much for the extra goodies and for packing it all so beautifully, what a treat. And as for the boxes, they are perfection. I'll be putting them on my blog later, but for now I'd like to thank you for yours Penny. Even better in the flesh than on your blog. The picture you painted with words is so appropriate for your box. I feel all meditteranean when looking at it. Thank you again for arranging it all, and I'll definitely be up for another..........! xxxxx

  5. Oh my, oh my...too cute!!!! I love, love your little match boxes. Well, you know I love all that you do. Linen, buttons and lace.

    Have a fun, fun and silly day.


  6. How beautiful! I love them... And to answer your question -yes, off to Barcelona in June for two weeks maybe longer...we'll see! I am still unfortunately indecisive but just gotta keep going hmm?! xxx

  7. Yes, please do let me know when the matchbox swap happens! My daughter has to have major surgery at the end of this year but if I'm able to I would love to play:)