Wednesday, 8 September 2010

erosion bundle project

Last January,
I joined the
Erosion Bundle Project
by selecting some
papers, leaves, fabrics
and bits & bobs
to make bundles
which we left outside
in the elements til April.

I tucked mine behind the branches
of my clematis.


I should have made my piece of artwork
with the results in August...
but I have no idea
what to do !


so here are simply some images
of the best bits...

Can you believe that the first two images
were created by an eroding
Poinsettia flower ?
a vibrant red last Christmas !
I love the marks it made.


pop over to see what some of the others made :


  1. ooo mother nature cannot be beat
    can she!

    you DID get some gorgeous bits

    makes me want to get busy making a bundle again myself

  2. Gorgeous...such an interesting concept...decay being a beautiful thing... :) xxx

  3. simply beautiful! you really did a good job choosing what to bundle - you ended up with some gorgeous effects!

  4. I think you got some neat effects! Just make some art using bits from your doesn't have to be completely made from all things eroded :)

  5. I have enjoyed seeing how all the erosion bundles turned out. Very interesting. I may try some erosion bundles this winter. Fun!

  6. You make me wish that i had included more organic materials in my bundle. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I won't get to see mine until I get back to Arizona in November. Hopefully it didn't blow away or get lost in monsoon season!