Saturday, 18 September 2010

Monday inchie and The Linen Shelf Swap

Our word for the inchie challenge
this week is:
I knew exactly what I wanted to do this time
& found the image of a woman on a bi- plane waving
in my Travel in Vogue book.
I added some white textured paper
& a tiny fragment of jet which I found
in my old button box.
Then photographed my inchie
on lovely paper with a wavy design !

Really enjoyed making this one...
thank you Fiona.
If you'd like to join the challenge, pop here:
The Linen Shelf Swap


I returned to the reclamation yard this on Saturday
and bought the remaining six copies of La Mode.
I am offering these as a swap.
What I would like in return for a copy of this lovely old paper

is either:

some images that you think I'd like for my artwork
for a comparable price
The copies of La Mode cost £ 5 each.

Or :

A piece of artwork made by you inspired by your copy.

If I get too many entries
( I have six copies to swap )
I'll put your names in a hat
and draw the winners on
Friday 24 th September.

Good luck !



  1. Those images are wonderful! As you know I've been doing the Collage Coterie online course and the Vintage Gluebook one before that, so this is my kinda thing. So YES! I would DEFINITELY LOVE TO SWAP! You know the kind of thing I do so if that interests you I can make something for you or I can sort out some 'stuff' for you to make something.

    Lovely idea,


  2. OH MY
    count me in
    hopefully it's OK if it happens in October?

  3. just typed that at lightening speed heehee!

  4. I would like to swap, definitely!!!I can make something or come up with some stuff you could use in your creations - I'm sure there is something in my stash/collection you would like!!!!

  5. Oh yes please Penny!!!! ( am shouting that, really I am!) count me in!

  6. Penny - I love your inchy - what a great wave - and the wavey paper is also inspired - thanks for joining in x

  7. Love the textures and that's a great image on this inchy - I love that it's a crisp black and white, perfect for the era of the image.

    (And you were first again!!)


  8. You have made some gorgeous art work from some lovely special finds lately!!!

  9. Cool! I love the black and white details on your inchie!

  10. What a super inchy. so simple and perfect.

  11. Love your inchie - so much great detail and thought.

  12. Love your inchy..... the black and white is classic.

  13. I would love to be in your swap but I think I am too late. It is such a gracious offer!!! I saw it on Patty's site!