Saturday, 23 October 2010

Matchbox Swap

The Partridge
 has come home to roost...
The swans have swum in,
the geese have landed & laid
& the Gold rings are shining brightly !!!

How are you others getting on ?

I'd like to have every set packaged by
mid November
to enable the ones going overseas
a chance to arrive in time for Christmas !

I'll be away next Tuesday for a few days

( Barcelona here I come with my teenage daughter ! )

so hope you leave a message
about how your swap boxes are coming along !

My email is
for my postal address


  1. I am plugging away on mine, Should be done this weekend!

  2. Yes, my 3 French Hens are coming along just fine - it would be so much quicker if they didn't keep on doing the can-can!! They will be with you easily by the middle of November (famous last words!).

    Have a wonderful time in Barcelona (I've always got to sing that a la Freddie Mercury!!).


  3. Glad my swans arrived safely :)
    Have a fabby time in Barcelona!

    Jan x

  4. The pipers will be there in time. I am working on them!

  5. I mailed mine off this morning :)

    I'll have a spoiler on my blog a little bit later .... Hope that's ok!


  6. Question - do we fill them also???

  7. Hi Penny,
    I have sent my dancing ladies to you yesterday :-)

  8. Hi Penny! Mine are just about ready to send and I plan to get them out this week. :-)