Saturday, 6 November 2010

Jess & I spent hours looking
at the artists & their stalls
on the Ramblas in Barcelona.
The portrait artists & cartoonists were brilliant
( forgot to get photos ! )

I particularly liked the above one & bought a print.
It's only small -
smaller than a postcard
( but bigger than an ATC !!! )
and packed with detail.

It's made on photographic paper
then little ceramic dots added
which give a fabulous feel & effect.
I just love it &
will frame it in an old frame
& hang it in my kitchen.


I made another Degas' dress !

The background  is the colour
 I painted the chimney breast in our kitchen-
the remaining walls are cream.
so my little Barcelona print will go very nicely !

Sisters !


  1. Your kitchen sounds lovely and the little print is fab - I could see the raised dots when I clicked on the photo.

    Love your second Degas dress - I think I would hang it in your kitchen too on the cream wall - in a red frame to match the print - hehehe!

  2. Great art interesting and so much detail!

    Your dresses are amazing, love the simple serene quality!

  3. I love that print from Barcelona - fab colour! That will bring back such happy memories every time you look at it. I'm lovin' the sister Degas dress!


  4. Your dresses are always so unique .... Beautiful!

  5. Wonderful Penny, will look perfect in the kitchen.

  6. Your dresses are way too cute. I love them.

    Wow, that tiny artwork pieces that you bought is wonderful. I really like it.


  7. What an inspired ballerina dress - the tattered tutu is just fab !

  8. That dress is wonderful!!!


  9. As soon as I saw your dress, I thought Degas, Even bfore I read your words. Lovely!