Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November dress

I was totally inspired by seeing the original
Degas'  The Little Dancer aged Fourteen
to make my dress this month.
I love this sculpture
and am thrilled to have finally seen the original.

I've had such fun making this dress
from scribbling on the back of an envelope
last night...

To finding the materials...
I've had the sequins in a tin since I was eighteen !
I cut the bodice from crinkly gold paper 
then covered it in ruched tissue from a antique dress pattern.

And made the skirt
from muslin I used in
the Erosion Project
so it looks old & faded

Margaret has hosted this wonderful year
of dress making...
only one more month to go.
Pop to her Blog to see the others:


  1. Oh, I love it...specially when I realized the scale.

  2. I adore your Degas inspired dress Penny and finding the perfect use of your precious sequins ... so very special too!
    Hard to believe we have only one more month to go

  3. What a beautiful dress for November - perfect in all its details. Well done for finding a use for the erosion project fabric!


  4. I have loved this sculpture since I was a young girl. You've really captured the elegance and grace of the original. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. Beautiful dress - a little chilly for November! ;-) It really does look like the little dancers.

  6. Oooooooh ! This is so,so gorgeous. I love where your inspiration has come from and I love what you have done. Love every thing about it, but especially the hook and eye. I am so jealous you have seen this in real life, it is my favourite sculpture; the closest I have come to it is a fridge magnet I bought at the National Gallery..............sad, I know.

  7. I always love your blog. Everything is always so pretty, and with a simple elegance, much like this little dress. Love the inspiration for it too.

  8. i love your dress, it has such beautiful simplicity, good to use those sequins too...

  9. Absolutely Gorgeous dress!! Love your inspiration too :)

  10. Outstanding! Simple beauty....

  11. This is fabulous!!! What a great use for an Eco Bundle. I've yet to be inspired by mine yet :(

  12. Oh Penny
    This is such a perfect little tutu - Edgar Degas would be captivated!
    I'm going to look back on all your other dresses now!!
    How you get so much on your inchie is amazing, it's such a tiny canvas.
    take care

  13. Beautiful Penny! gorgeous gentle colours and I especially love the little skirt. It's really interesting to see what's inspired everyone this month, kind of past pumpkins but not quite Christmas! Lots of 'the arts' inspiration around! fab!! Mx

  14. Wonderful dress! I love another "art" into "art" concept. Just great!

  15. Absolutely beautiful dress - I love it!!!

  16. this is beautiful! my favorite statue too!