Friday, 24 December 2010

Way back in October,
I organised a matchbox swap
The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Twelve of us took a day each & made twelve boxes.
I then sorted the sets
& sent them out as far as America, New Zealand & Russia
( hope they've arrived )

Over the twelve days, starting Boxing day,
I'll show you them one by one.
Thank you to all who took part !

Thanks to Jo
Fiddlesnips !
for letting me use the above photo.

Happy Christmas


  1. This is a great photo! What fun.

  2. Darling.
    Looking forward to seeing them day by day.
    Happy Holidays to you.

  3. Hello UK Penny! I was so excited to find my matchboxes in the mailbox yesterday - couldn't have had better timing! They are all so wonderful - I'm glad I joined in :-) Happy Christmas to you and your family from US Penny

  4. What a great swap (I wish now I could have participated!!!!) I love the boxes presented on the "Twelve Days " sheet music (Jo is so clever!) Those "Lords a Leaping" are a stand out box (clever image! hahahaha!)

    Merry Christmas to you, Penny!
    :) Nathalie

  5. They are all so beautiful together!

  6. Beautiful display - I love the 3 french hens! I'm wishing I'd taken part too now - I've just finished showcasing my matchboxes for another swap and your matchboxes would have followed on nicely!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you x

  7. Thanks again for hosting this fun swap, Penny! I should point out that it was you that provided The 12 Days of Christmas music score, I merely plonked the matchboxes on it for the photo (so sadly not so clever after all, Nathalie!!).


  8. Beautiful matchboxes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx