Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm really pleased with the way this turned out.

I was on the beach with my daughter & our dog
and saw a lovely piece of driftwood.
It almost looks like stone.

It's the perfect base for this little lady.

I tend to find images from old books to cut out.
I'm not very good at downloading & printing out images
but this year,
I've promised myself a new scanner / printer.

My husband gave me a new camera for my birthday
and I can already see the difference it makes.

Hope you like my little lady as much as I do.

I'm off to search for some more suitable pieces of driftwood
and if I find enough,
I just might do a giveaway......


I must tell you about this..

My newly found dear  ( third ) cousin Sue
has recently started a Blog.
She is also researching our family tree
( the gent on the left is my Great Grandfather Eli )

Sue has a large amount of photos
she is willing to share for your artwork.
So if you are interested,
please visit her here:


  1. I can find you images. Lots of em! I will e-mail you and give you a run down. I have lots of this and that I can scan. I can e-mail them to you. Or send them through the post.

    The idea of using family shots is perfect. Provided you make one for me!!


  2. What a sweet sweet girl, she looks just darling on the driftwood.


  3. This is darling. You are making some great art!

  4. Hello UK Penny - I love the wings for your little girls - such a perfect addition! Best wishes from across the pond :-)

  5. i have to say the wings are perfect

  6. This is so creatively done and your wings, your image if so perfect to go with the driftwood! I love you angels so very very pretty!
    Blessings ~ Katie

  7. I love the drift wood.
    Your angel is precious.
    I love her hat and apron.
    Smiles to you and enjoy your weekend.

  8. I love your little angle - shes gorgeous. xx

  9. I do love your little lady. I love the piece of driftwood too. A very lucky find x

  10. Driftwood lends itself to so many creative possibilities!! Love your little angel girl.
    Going to check out your link!

  11. This is so creative to use driftwood as a display ! The texture is amazing. Looking forward to your linen project reveal

  12. so much to see and enjoy...where have I been!

    the wings are so adorable...I Love the magic of using something that grabs your attention while out on a've turned it into a precious creation

    Happy Springtime dear Penny!