Monday, 18 April 2011

Delivery Two at Postman's Knock

Delivery two
at our postcard swap at

This is what I made for
her theme being
Collections / Collecting

The caption reads,
' Millicent liked nothing better
than an afternoon
sorting her
button collection'

I used buttons from my old button tin,
a page from an old dictionary
& image from
La Mode.

I hope Joanna likes what I made her.

We are having such fun,
twelve of us 
sending a postcard we have created 
from their chosen theme
to the person below us on the list,
every second Friday
until we have worked through the list and all
have received a set of twelve unique postcards.
My theme is
and this is what
made for me

Isn't this fantastic ?
I love the colour scheme, the textures
and above all the humour...
the mad hairdo & odd sized eyes !
Thank you so much Chrissie
and thank you again
to all involved in this fun swap.

Click on the Postman's Knock
 link at the top
to see all the first set of cards
and now the second set
as they arrive.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic swap. Love your button collection postcard too.

  2. These are both great in their own ways :) Love Angel Bright....super fun!

  3. perfect buttons and saying! And that angel is so silly and adorable. Love them both!

  4. Love the one you made for Jo. Charming!!! Did you find the Millicent quote, or were you able to vintagize it yourself? I always like to know where people find their quotes!


  5. All the cards are beautiful. I know Joanna will love your Moda card. It's lovely. I also adore Chrissie's angel

    Have a lovely Easter weekend Penny
    Spring blessings
    Carolyn ♥

  6. I love the use of the buttons on the first one.
    And, oh what a lovely lady she is.

    Happy Easter to you.