Monday, 11 July 2011

Postman's Knock 7 & 8

This is what I made for Jane
her theme being Water.
I had this idea of a dessert island /
message in a bottle
& used some silk I'd painted a while back
which had exactly the right colours-
added some beading
& a little fish !

I was thinking,
" water water every where
but not a drop to drink "
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

For my theme of Angels,
 Sue made this lovely card for me...

I love the transparent ethereal quality
the faint colours
& the fragility of it.

I then had to make a postcard for the theme
Concealment and Revelation
and Oh boy did I have trouble !

I tried -
Jack in the Box,
Magic acts
pearl in an oyster
& surprise party...
but settled on the idea of
hidden identity
inspired by the 1944 film
starring Ingrid Bergman & Charles Boyer.

Begmans's character Paula
is persuaded into marriage by Gregory
who is actually the murderer of her  aunt - 
( a famous opera singer )
Once married,
Gregory persuades Paula
to live in her Aunt's house...
so that he can search for her missing diamonds...

This is what I received from another Jane...
The Angel of the North

Fabulous !

I really love this take on my
Angels theme.

Thank you both for my wonderful postcards


  1. I LOVED your painted silk 'water' postcard, perfect for the theme. I really like those colours.

    And I smiled at the thought processes behind your concealment and revelation card - sometimes it takes ages to hit on the right idea - like here, you hit on a brilliant idea. I really like the way they are tied together with the twine, and her flowers.

    Very clever thinking.


    ps also love the ones you received!

  2. Gorgeous colours on your piece of fabric! you find those colours in the mountain lakes here, beautiful! I love how this swap is meandering through the year, so many special pieces of work arriving in your mail box!
    Your con/rev card is inspired!!

  3. OOH I just love those watery colours, reminds me of Southport NOT!

    Very clever and imaginative idea for the concealment.