Wednesday, 25 January 2012


brings the snow

My January ATC
represents the dark grey sky
just before it snows
 down to the blue white
of the snow 
and the sheen on it in the sunshine.

Red rose hips 
inspired by a favourite photo
I took in the Churchyard one January.

and an honesty seed head 
just because I love them.

I used chalks lightly brushed over with baby oil
to give a water colour effect,
my favourite stamp
& some white glitter.

January brings the snow
was inspired by the rhyme
I regularly read to the children
when they were young.

Post your January ATC on your Blog
and leave a comment here so we can find you.

All welcome to join in.

will be posted on Feb 25th


  1. I love it Penny! You've captured January perfectly.
    Hugs xx

  2. Aw that is lovely Penny. I especially love the honesty seed head it looks like a pillow for a fairy.xx

  3. That is a lovely little image and good to see your inspiration too.

  4. I knew you'd produce a beauty! This is gorgeous, and so 'you'. Well done. Super ATC, perfect for January.

    Mine is here.....


  5. That is an absolutely GORGEOUS ATC. Loving the red of the "berries" cutting across it.

    Would never have thought of using chalk and baby oil and shall give it a "go".

  6. beautiful start to the challenge, gorgeous colours and textures, love it! Mx

  7. I read about brushing chalks with baby oil on the new pack I bought !

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  9. okay trying again ARGHHHH - Penny, lovely ATC and thanks for inviting all of us to join you. Mine can be seen over at:

  10. how utterly beautiful.......I love your inspiration too!!

  11. For most of the ATCs I did, I would do a duplicate one to keep, but for a current Birthday fabric ATC swap, it doesn't make sense to do an exact duplicate. Thus, when I chance upon your ATC Challenge, I think I have found the solution! With the same tatted motif I did for the birthday ATC in Jan, I sewed up this Jan 2012 ATC for myself, dedicated to the birthday girl whose birthday falls in the month!

    Here's my January ATC:

    Thank you for initiating this challenge!

  12. Hello and Happy New Year dear Penny!

    Your ATC is just wonderful in every made me feel so calm when I was reading what your wrote about it too!

    Stunning...I have a soft spot in my heart for rosehips and Lunaria too

  13. you do such beautiful and natural work Penny - interchanging found and saved items and trinkets. It looks JUST like a sky about to snow - and berries about to be snowed upon. Lovely lovely

  14. Your photo is is the ATC it inspired:)

  15. Your ATC is stunning Penny... and love the pic it was inspired by...

    Jenny x

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