Sunday, 24 June 2012

Monthly ATC Challenge May and June

Blackbird singing it's heart out
from a Hawthorn bush,
raindrops and blossom.

For May I remembered the old saying,
" Ne're cast a clout til May be out "
which you can read about 

I love  Hawthorn blossom ( May ) but prefer Blackthorn
 which yields beautiful blueish, purple Sloes in the Autumn.

The birds were nesting in May 
and it rained and rained...

 June has been a total washout too
but because of that, the hedgerows are lush
and full of life.
The birds a frenzy of activity feeding their young.

 For June
 I decided to represent the gorgeous shades of pink Valerian
bursting out of nooks and crannies along lanes

and banks of daises growing along road sides.
They've been left longer this year before cutting
due to the rain
and are very pretty to see.


Apologies for being so late in posting
and thank you for taking part.
Here are the lovely ATC's for April



  1. Yeah Penny happy to be able to post May - will do June soon:
    So sorry you've had crappy weather - we have had a record breaking heat wave here - can't win... your cards are both lovely - really like the backgrounds...

  2. Love both the ATCs....struggling a bit with original idea was a failure so having to rethink!
    Hugs xx

  3. Glad to see you back! I too is trying to catch up.

    My May ATC is here:

    and Jun ATC:

  4. Hello again Penny - your ATC's are seriously GORGEOUS!! They were worth waiting for :o)

    I haven't done my June ATC yet, so I'll just leave my link for May's (which you've already seen!), scroll down to the bottom of the post.....


  5. You've been a very busy girl! Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for popping by my blog and the lovely comments! xx

  6. I got my June one done too! See here:

  7. Posted a comment on the wrong post (durr)! As I said on the previous entry... love the ATCs. They are like tiny works of art. So detailed. Found you through celtic house. Happy saturday. Jenx

  8. Penny, I've finally managed to catch up, a bit of a go slow here and the hols are only starting tomorrow!
    Your cards are so pretty! Mx

  9. I've just done June and July and I'll put them on my blog tomorrow :)

    I'm behind and ahead all in one go!


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