Monday, 14 September 2009 as I was saying over in the hen house, my children speak very literally. I love it but it can be frustrating for them....and everyone else !

They both attended a specialist tutor for dyslexia. Darling daughter did very well but Wee Man resented it - felt " babied " However he loved playing the word games.

One time the tutor was trying to get him to find words by giving him clues.... the word in this case being Library. She said, " Where are the books kept in your school ?" ... He answered, " In the classroom "... " Oh yes, but the books that aren't in your classroom - where are they kept ?" ... He said, " On a shelf "

Can't argue with that. I snorted with laughter and the tutor didn't.


  1. Wow, two blogs! I've been out of things too long....

    I like this one too! My best 'wrong word' moment as a young teenager cheered up my sick mum no end. She was in bed with a revolting migrane, being sick and unable to sleep. With my dad there, too, I suggested that she really should get some sleep, and that if she couldn't just drop off, she should take a surpository! (Can't spell it) They both laughed so much that it probably did speed her recovery...

  2. Oh Floss how funny. My mum suffered from Migrane when we were younger poor thing and my brother had what is now known to be stomach migrane ( too much of a certain acid in the stomach )
    This blog is more arty and less chatty !

  3. A suppository would help her sleep?!!! Surely if anything that would wake her up very quickly??!!

    My mum used to mix up proverbs... which would make us larf.

  4. Hey Griffin...don't you just lurv those books ?