Sunday, 13 September 2009

This is my bronze sculpture. Ha ! He is about an inch long and I've had him for ever. He used to lie in the printer's box which is now full of corks. I unearthed him in a box of tiny ornaments. I've been unearthing a lot recently.He is rather elegant - a Greyhound I think.

My eldest brother used to take me greyhound racing... I would put a fifty pence bet on a name I liked... and usually win ! My brother has a bit of a gambling problem. It's in his nature - " in his genes " says our mother. Her grandfather was a gambling man and lost the value of the house three times over until Great Granny put a stop to it. There is a marvelous photograph of him at Epsom races looking prosperous and in control - which of course he wasn't. He has a gold watch in his waistcoat pocket. I expect it was at the pawn brokers the next day !

I haven't inherited the gambling streak - I've inherited the home making, nesting, animal loving and artistic side. I had to be dragged out of the pet shop yesterday having seen a new litter of kittens - related to our own lovely Franky. My husband stayed outside and sent a message in with our son, " Dad doesn't want another cat. " I shall remember that when he wants his next boat....


  1. Yeah, but his boats don't all live in the house!

  2. Ok Ok ...and they don't eat cat food. So ?