Saturday, 12 September 2009

I picked these seed pods from a tree in Antigua last Christmas. If you've followed The Hen House you will know that I worked in Antigua about twenty years ago and met my husband there who was skipper of a charter yacht.

We have returned twice through work the last time being to meet up after the Arc race and have use of the boat over Christmas. It was the most incredible holiday I have ever had.

I'm ashamed to say, I don't know what the tree is called. It has fern like fronds & flame coloured flowers.

The seed pods are bright green but dry out this lovely brown. If you shake them the seeds inside rattle. They are sold locally painted up in bright Rastafarian colours and coated in varnish but I love them in their natural beauty. I have more treasures from Antigua but I'll post about them another day...


  1. I picked some similar pods from a tree that sounds like it's the same as your tree. My tree was in Tenerife. I do know the name of it, but I can't think of it! It will come to me ......

  2. How lovely both the colour and texture are you tempted to plant them !
    Hugs Lynn xx