Friday, 11 September 2009

Have you ever had a good look at the cork from your wine bottle ? ( no, not when tipsy trying to squeeze out the last drop ! )

They have the most marvelous designs on. I especially like the Rioja ones ...well I would I did live in Spain !

I display mine in this printer's box which I bought in Brighton when I was a student. I used to keep teeny ornaments in it but put the corks in when I was looking for some way to display them.

That day I also bought a dark grey Fedora & wore it with a black & white check dress & huge chunky necklace to my interview for a summer job on Brighton pier. I got the job but lost the hat when I realised how silly I looked wearing it. It wasn't quite me dahling !


  1. I have often looked at corks too..... lovely things. Thanks for visiting my blog, I shall be back visiting yours on a regular basis.

  2. gorgeous display ! i keep all the corks i can, even though hubby thinks i am weird. he should see your piece of art. i think he would change his mind about me being so weird.well, i still am anyway :) nice blog !

  3. I'm getting madder all the used to it. I'm going to start soaking off wine labels too. ( trouble is...trying to cut down wine intake ! )

  4. I love champagne corks meself... all those shooting stars on the base of the corks...!!

    I think I might have bought that fedora! I wore a dark grey one I bought from Brighton for years until it was wearing thin and then I lorst it on a coach trip. Sigh.

    Well if you need someone just to drink the wine for you...!!!

  5. He he I thought you might have got the fedora Griffin.

  6. Loving the cork display - I've been saving corks and wondering what to do with them. I have trouble throwing things away!