Wednesday, 9 September 2009

You know that feeling you get when you are pleased with something you've done ? This photo gave me that feeling. I was so pleased with it I put it in the sidebar.

These beautiful bottles are made across the water at Isle of Wight Glass. They were birthday gifts from my husband. The iridescent marble effect is simply stunning.

I love the reflection the bottle makes on the picture behind. It's like a third bottle is there in the shadows.

The print behind is Black Brook by John Singer Sargent. I was given it on my twenty first birthday. The colour of the water in it is exactly like the stream running through our village which is lovely. I also have a framed print of Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by Sargent which is very pretty and one of those paintings where you wish you were there in it.

The photograph has helped me decide what do do. I'm going to improve my photography skills ( need a new camera ! ) I always enjoyed this at college and took some good pictures which I still have. One showed a row of feet belonging to people on a park bench in Worthing. " Old Lady " shoes and Dr Martins ! Such was the weirdness of being at art college in Worthing - a well known retirement town with the odd punk thrown in ! It was great.


  1. Have to admit I liked those bottles too. I do like Singer Sargent, but my favourite is still Burne-Jones.

    Ah Worthing... the fabled Costa Geriatrica!! Actually old ladies and old lady punks!!

  2. I love Isle of Wight glass too and I also have some Gozo Glass. We have much in common I think!