Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I've had these dear little pineapples for years. They were displayed in my printer's box but that houses my corks now and these have been put away for too long.

When I was at college I went a bit pineapple mad... drew them all the time & even made a plastic mould from one. I collected pineapple badges, earrings, ornaments for a while too.

Working in Antigua I saw my first field of pineapples growing - they were quite beautiful there standing in their rows.

I have a box of bits & bobs - small ornaments I've had since I was little. I like to think one day I'll have grand children to go through it and ask where they came from - their story. I did this with my grandmother. I particularly liked two wooden bears with shiny eyes.

When I tell my children this they roll their eyes...Oh please let me be a granny and a mad one at that.


  1. A mad realative is an essential part of any childhood. I feel my own boys may be missing out - where is theirs? (Mine was my uncle - a bit scary but very exotic!) In conclusion, it may be that the maddest people in our boys' lives are their own parents. This may not be helful...

  2. Wow I can't imagine seeing pineapples growing; most cool.
    I love how trinkets have stories; I remember all the one attached to the ones I've had passed down from my parents and I still have my faves. Xx

  3. I'm a mad Granny! It's the best thing in the world, I get to sing out loud in the supermarket ( if the kids are with me!!!) My daughter is so embarrassed! How old are your kids? don't they want children? XXX

  4. 16 & 13 so at the moment I'm content with being mad mum and singing in supermarkets !

  5. Well Penny, you're halfway there to being a mad granny...!!! Singing in the supermarket is a must, also wearing purple and declaiming from Shakespeare.

    My cousin's kids thought me mad cos I listened to the Ramones and the Rezillos... and wore orange jeans with a green silk shirt... or a purple silk shirt with bright green jeans!!