Sunday, 20 September 2009

This post is a little early but I have a busy week ahead and as the lovely MummyMad at TheMadHouse said that she couldn't wait for the next instalment ( I'm honoured )... here it is.

'Im out-of-doors and I met twenty years ago. You could say the hurricane brought us together... every one was certainly, " letting their hair down " after it - almost a bizarre party atmosphere - highly charged & exciting.

You could also say that our marriage has had a few hurricanes in between but we have er, weathered them all.

I guess we were the talk of the town - so " in lurv" in a place alive with " grotty yotties " out having a good time... " twofers Tuesday" and "Happy Hour" galore. But he & I were based in Antigua all year round and so we started to date.

It was terribly romantic of course and in this wave of emotion he proposed to me on Christmas morning. ( I thought he was he asked three times !!! )

...then he disappeared ! He did ! Christmas night... off on a yacht charter. His cook suggested to buy me a ring in St Martins & suggested emeralds for my red hair. I'm so very glad he waited and I chose a sapphire ring in St Johns Antigua.

Several months later we went home to meet the family. I had to giggle because I'd sent flowers for my brother's new baby... and they'd put love from Penny & Roody on the card... "She's coming home with a black man ! "... not that it would have mattered of course, but Roddy is a dour Scot, a sea dog through & through ( though he does like a spot of Mountgay rum !)

We returned to Antigua and spent a few more months there but I was not born to be a charter cook and he couldn't teach in a pre-school. We decided to leave this magical place to somewhere we could both pursue our careers without visas & permits getting in the way. We married two years later.

This little coral heart was found on a beach back in Antigua when my husband briefly worked there again. He found our daughter her initial too and she wears it round her neck. They are rather sweet and very, very special.


  1. *Sigh* being lucky in love is just wonderful isn't it? I find when I've had any hardship in my life, the fact I've been lucky in love balances it out nicely :) x

  2. This is a beautiful story - ot feels like a blessing to hear other people's lives!

  3. Bless you Floss... I don't want to harp on about my past.. but it was very special.'s bump doing ? xx

  4. Lovely, just LOVELY...... and I love that bottle in your previous post. :O)

  5. this is such a moving story. :) loved reading your post. and love this bowl of sea urchins !

  6. Hmm, it was twenty years ago today, that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play... and Penny got wed!