Wednesday, 17 March 2010

fabric journal

I have finally made a start on my
fabric journal...
I'm calling it
The Calico Garden.
I haven't done the cover yet,
but this will be a page

Watch this space ...
I've used these leaves for another project....

The sweet little label was attatched to a pair of keys-
it said spare suitcase keys
& it was in the little cash box I bought at the reclamation yard..
the keys don't fit the lock of course !
my label is now for the missing garden shed key !


more pages comng soon ...


  1. I have just spent a few minutes looking at this, your other blog.... it is just soooo beautiful.......... :O)

  2. Oh Penny, these are so exquisite. The leaves look just amazing. I look forward to seeing the following pages. Beautiful x

  3. It looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more! xxx

  4. This combination works really well, and is soooo eye catching, as soon as I saw it on my blog-following list I was straight over!

    As you may know, I love fabric and have been doing some fabric books (on latest post) and I find playing around with fabrics and paper so satisfying!

    Lovely work and look forward to seeing more!


  5. Lovely composition and colors!

  6. Great page. Will love to see the cover.

  7. I SO love this! Another inspiration for me to follow!