Thursday, 18 March 2010

inchie alphabet

J is for jigsaw...

I didn't know what to do for J...
then I spotted it
in the road-
this tiny jigsaw piece.
I love the colour on the reverse side
it reminds me of lichen.

I have photographed the piece
on some silk I painted.
To get the rough effect,
you put salt on the wet dye
then shake it of when dry.
Use course sea salt for really good markings.

I've added some lichen
lovely lovely texture & colours.


I absolutely love
the colour of these Lily stamens
I love lilies !
These little pods are beautiful.
I usually remove them
as they stain clothing if brushed against...
they are also poisonous to cats !

...but I do love their colour...
especially when they start to look rusty.
I'm always picking up bits of rusty metal from the beach-
look at those lovely colours !

I'm going to let these sit for a while &
wait to see the marks the rusty flakes make
as they fall off...

but will keep them safely away from the cats!

For the alphabet inchie challenge visit :


  1. beautiful the way you are using natural things ..... wonderful colors and textures and shapes in the natural world. J is for jigsaw - Perfect!!!

  2. A found jigsaw piece is perfect! It made the inchy well and let you use some of your natural stuff with it. I love the pic of the lily stamens too.

  3. Great, wonderful, interesting post. You are so very creative and I always marvel at where you go with your artwork. I especially like the way to include lots of nature. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hve a nice evening.

  4. Great J - I also love the way you used the lichen on your inchy - I didn't know that about lily stamens and here am I with three cats - thanks for the info x

  5. You just get better and better Penny. I really enjoy all of your posts! Now then, thats what I have just been talking about in my post this week... being given a helping hand from (where?) .... don't you think it is strange that you were wondering what to do for J and then you find a piece of jigsaw? Hmmmm.... I think you were 'helped'! :) suzie. xxx

  6. Wonderful inchie for J! I was going to do jigsaw also but as I am using stamps for all of mine, the only stamp I had with a jigsaw piece was far too big! xx

  7. Very clever with the puzzle piece (I enjoy designing with them too!) Your stamen project looks very cool. I have heard of spore prints from mushroom caps, but haven't seen anything with stamens. Hope you show the results. I'll be back!

  8. You could try dyeing a small piece of silk with the stamens too! Lovely inchie idea and like the lichen added too. Lovely work Penny xo