Tuesday, 23 March 2010

inchie alphabet

K is for Knot garden.

I simply love formal herb gardens
especially if located in a walled garden
perhaps a Monastery or stately home.
Beautiful geometric designs
planted out with herbs & spices.

I've used Rosemary in my inchie -
the only herb I could find in my garden earlier !
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  1. Oooh, I wish I could smell it! I love knot gardens too, and your unusual inchie is a lovely colourful reminder of them.


  2. I do love how you think outside of the 'inchy' box. Another great inchy.

    Knot garden would never have popped into my head. Although I love them.... I love formal gardens, I have lots of box balls and box hedges in my (small) garden and clipped yews .... green is my favourite colour!!!!


  3. So lovely! Rosemary is a favorite of mine, too. I have given you a bloggers award! Check my blog.

  4. What a pretty design! Just noticed one of your favourite books is the Secret Life of Bees - I finished reading that recently...it is a really insightful and thoughtful book - I gained a lot of wisdom from it xxx

  5. PS Thanks for all your lovely comments and support, really appreciate it xxx

  6. Colarbone? Ouch! Not fun - and certainly not on holiday...I've not properly seen the film of the book yet but someone else said the exact same thing as you... xxx

  7. I love your natural inchies!!!!!!!!!!!
    you must have lots of inspiration for know gardens where you live too :)
    I wish I could grow rosemary - it drowns in our frequent rains!

  8. I like this one. I too love both Not Gardens and Knot Gardens... tho' Not Gardens tend to be a bit empty of flowers! I love the Sussex gardens at Wakehurst Place and Nymans, those are fabulous. Sissinghurst is lovely too from what I remember.

    Here in the East Midlands... Nottingham has an Arboretum, which was a lovely surprise to me a few years back. I shall go again in the Summer.

  9. Whooo what a fabby inchy!
    So unique, what a neat 'K' word!!

  10. Beautiful. I love rosemary flowers :o)

  11. You are doing great with these, saw a book on inchies the other day and thought of you.

    Beki xxx

  12. Ohh so pretty! I love the softness of the colors!

  13. Wow - fabulous Inchy - I think we can safely say no-one else will do that theme! Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs - great for the concentration so I always make sure my kids have a sprig of it when they're doing their exams.

  14. Knot gardens
    OH YES!
    Lovely inchie Penny!