Saturday, 24 April 2010

tenth post revisited

Kimmie at :

has asked me to play a game where we

revisit our tenth post

so here goes..

Wee Man lugged this beautiful stone back from the beach at Bude. We were staying in a caravan on a farm - just us as it was a new venture for the farmer's wife and she had just one caravan. So it was idyllic for us....

... idyllic 'til 'im-out-of doors developed a stomach pain. It got so bad we left him resting while we went back to visit the donkey sanctuary - a favourite for the kids. But in the end we went to the local doctors.

The nurse saw him and did wonder about appendicitis but the doctor popped his head in and muttered " virus " & prescribed pain killers & sleep. We returned two days later & the diagnosis was the same.

I don't know how he drove home ( how guilty did I feel that I can't drive ? ) The next morning he took himself off to Bournemouth hospital where they didn't know what to do with him either. By this time, appendicitis was a real possibility so they wrote " nil by mouth " and prepped him for an operation. Then they changed their mind and put him under observation. Then they changed their minds again up went the nil by mouth sign and so it went on !

Meanwhile the In laws arrived to stay locally to see the grandchildren. They spent most of their holiday driving backwards & fore wards to hospital !

Eventually my husband was discharged with a bag full of strong antibiotics. He still has his appendix ! They decided to bombard with pills rather than operate as it could burst & develop peritonitis. Needless to say, he has never forgotten that particular holiday !

PS ...on a brighter note, before he got ill, we visited Morwellham Quay - went deep into the tin mines, dressed up in period costume, made rope & sat in a lesson in a Victorian school ( what would they have done with two dyslexics ? )

It's a wonderful place and if you get the chance try to visit.

So there it is !
why not join in ?!


  1. Oh, no pictures of you in costume??
    I reposted my 10th post also!!

  2. just saw this on Pat's ooglebloops blog and played along as well

    another fabulous Penny adventure ... leaving you in Victorian costume to our imaginations ... nice rock! ;)

  3. I heard once that if someone has appendicitis .... they won't be able to hop up and down on one foot because it hurts too much. When the kids get an awful tummy ache I ask them to try hopping on one foot .... crazy mom!

    Thanks for playing - that was fun :)

  4. What a fun idea. I loved reading your 10th post. I must say that is a beautiful stone.

    Heart to you...

  5. How does this work? Do you recall the tenth post with additional wisdoms or do you just copy and paste it?

  6. What a beautiful rock! I would love to hold it in my hands and feel its shape and texture.
    Pity about the holiday though!