Monday, 26 April 2010

This lovely birdy
was on a wine label
& was soaked off earlier today.
I may use it in my fabric journal
(which I still haven't added to )
I've seen some lovely bird stamps too.
I'm going to make another journal from
my erosion bundle goodies.
The first of the match boxes for the swap arrived today-
thank you Pat they are really lovely.
I can't wait to package them all up
& send them of to their new homes and post about them !
Can you let me know if you are still playing
as there are only six of us now
( I know Beki can't join in )


  1. Yes, I'm still playing! I've almost finished mine - will you still want 9 sent to you if we've lost some players? Thanks again for organising this.


  2. What a sweet wine bottle label. I love the bird. Isn't it fun to recycle and repurpose things. I am having more fun doing that. I feel so GREEN.

  3. I'm still playing, and have nearly finished mine also. Will let you know when my matchboxes are on their way.

    Jan x

  4. I am glad someone else has a birdie addiction, that one is really cute :-)

  5. I actually really like some wine labels, and naughty or not, I often choose a wine by it's label!! Lovely though xx

  6. I am so glad the matchboxes arrived. You can have the extras I just forgot to save one for myself. LOL .So please just send one of mine back too. LOL

  7. That is a good idea.. using the wine label, after drinking the wine of course! suzie xxxx