Friday, 7 May 2010

100th POST

100 posts & a giveaway.
I organised a matchbox swap here
at The Linen Shelf...
just waiting for the last package
then I can sort them out & mail them off.
I don't want to spoil the surprise for the swappers
so here is another one I made !

Jan from
made an extra one for me
included with her swap...
thank you Jan - I love it

I will have one or two sets left over to give away-
so if you would like one
leave a comment &
I'll pop your name in the hat !
Thank you for visiting me here
and all the encouraging comments you leave
as you know,
I only started " creating " again this year !


  1. I'm salivating with anticipation!! Yours and Jan's matchboxes are lovely lovely lovely......I can hardly wait. x

  2. i suppose you are waiting on me then. i hope to finish them up over the weekend and get them to you on Monday.

  3. Pixie !!! are you still playing ? Great !!!

  4. Penny they are fantatic, count me in for the giveaway, as I havent had any time to just be creative lately and I love the inspiration

  5. yep, I am still playing. I thought surely I had sent you an email, but I have been a bit 'off' recently and maybe I just dreamt it! My boxes will be ready this weekend and off to you on Monday. I will send you an email now...

  6. I love the little birdie.. tweet tweet! He he! I think I am cracking up! Can I be in the giveaway too please! Suzie xxxxx

  7. I am in love with that sweet creation! I am in for you give-away!!!! Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

  8. They are so beautiful! I'd love to be included in the drawing for the giveaway.

  9. These look just gorgeous Penny & I would love to be included in your giveaway please. I haven't been visiting for a whole year but you and your blog have made me feel very welcome here and I'm an enthusiastic follower - thank you. PennyAsWell x

  10. Wow, they are creative and really lovely. What a clever idea, very cute.

  11. Love your birdie matchbox Penny!
    Whooo, getting excited now, can't wait to see all the lovely matchboxes!
    Awww thanx for putting a pic of my box on your blog!! So glad you liked it!
    Jan x

  12. I'm not too late for the drawing am I? Would LOVE some matchboxes!

    The wooden box I'm working on- I AM half tempted to leave it plain at you suggest. It is quite beautiful unadorned. The artist in me wants to tell a story with it tho. I am torn. So as yet, I have done nothing (procrastination). :)

  13. Very lovely. I have a couple match boxes to alter... I'm just waiting for the right inspiration... In the mean time I'm creating lots of other stuff!

  14. Congrats on your 100th post, here's to many many more dear Penny! It is always a delight to visit you!
    The matchboxes are wonderful!

  15. Oh yes please! Can you pop me in your hat please. These look fun!

    Have a lovely week

  16. happy 100th!!! Mine is probably the last one your waiting for :(
    I realized, also, that I hadn't signed them at all - does it matter? If it does (matter), maybe you could throw my name on a bit of paper to pop inside the matchbox .... sorry to be a bother :(

  17. Did I miss the drawing? I'm post-op...does that give me extra chances? I would think it might! hee hee Love these!

  18. Hi

    Jo has kindly directed me here.... and I am loving the altered matchboxes. I'd love to be popped in the hat too for any leftovers!


  19. I love looking at all the things done with simple matchboxes - who knew they could be dressed up so beautifully!!

  20. Your matchboxes are soooo delightful, I've been ooooing & rrrrring at all the pictures this afternoon ... I'm going to try to do one.

    Thank you for the inspiration xx