Monday, 10 May 2010

I've been altering more matchboxes...

bit of a bird theme going on so shall call them my

bird boxes.

I love this one
linen fabric from Spain
a delicate tissue which covered an illustration in a plant book -
the paper has the faint outline of the picture stained on to it

Vintage French linen...
this one isn't finished because....
I'm waiting for...

these !
Aren't they lovely ?
( just waiting for two matchbox swaps to arrive
then I can post them all off)


  1. Love your bird stamps- your matchboxes are adorable-can't wait to see the others!!

  2. mine went in the post today!

  3. Your fabric matchboxes are gorgeous!!
    ..and the lil bird stamp is v.cute!
    Looking forward to the matchbox swap!! :)

    Jan x

  4. Your bird matchboxes are wonderful!! Those stamps look like they're sized perfectly to use with them.

  5. Your matchboxes are a lovely idea. Hope you get your stamps soon, they are lovely too