Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I was just in the village flower shop
ordering flowers for mum's 80th party which
she can then take home afterwards.
I spotted these pretty flowers & asked Nicola, the owner
if they were the flowers which dry out - everlasting flowers.
She told me their name
but I've forgotten it already.
Nicola has just done all the flowers for her niece's wedding
& these were leftovers.
As she thought they were a bit past their sell by date
she gave me a bunch for free.
I thought I'd use them in some art work if they dry out nicely.
Does anyone know what they are
or what those everlasting flowers are that I'm thinking of ?
Do you think I should keep these out of water now
& hang them upside down to dry out ?
They are turning brown which is rather lovely.


  1. Are they heli something? Hang on I'll go and look it up ...................helichrysum, that's it! Do I win a prize?!!!! xxxx

  2. hanging them upside down is what works for me with most dryable flowers .... not sure what these are though. They look a little bit like cornflowers ....

  3. They looked like straw flowers to me, which might be the nickname for helichrysum! ha!

    Yes, definitely take them out of water to dry, upside down OR right side up. No point in rotting the stems.

  4. Yeah....strawflowers or cornflowers... both sound right to me! yes...definitely dry them!

  5. thanks everyone - they are bundled & hanging in my kitchen. I love that they are known as straw flowers.

  6. had to dash upstairs to get my seed catalog as I JUST saw those flowers this am whilst looking for something else

    My book says they are called Masterword (Astrantia major)
    says they last up to two weeks in the vase and are also stunning in dried arrangements ... all the more reason to want to grow them too :)

    Happy Happy Birthday to your dear Mother! Hope the celebration is super wonderful!

  7. I don't know what they are called but they are pretty and look like they would dry nicely.

  8. They are so pretty, I am glad that one of the bloggers knows what they are called as I would love to grow some in my garden.

    Happy birthday to your Mother

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x