Saturday, 12 June 2010

The fabric shop in town is closing down
so I bought a few bargain goodies -
the music score stamp was reduced by ten pounds !
I love the floral fabric &
already had a scrap of the sprigged one in a green colourway.
I bought some new thread as a friend is going to teach me
how to use mum's old Singer sewing machine
( haven't touched one since school needlework lessons ! )

The little Santas look quite vintage &
the stencil stickers pretty
Then I went to the art shop
& bought some

I might be using some of these bits' bobs
in Carole's tutorial
( see previous post )
which I'm really looking forward to


  1. Lovely haul, Penny. Looking forward to seeing what you get to do with them, xx

  2. Hi Penny, lucky you to find those lovely goodies and I'm really glad to see you found a tutorial that takes your fancy. I'm going to be doing a blog on red any day now ... I've been working up to it LOL :o) and will be showing your wonderful gifts to me. I'm feeling more like blogging again and slowly getting back to normal

    Thanks dear blog buddy
    Carolyn xx

  3. Fabulous goodies - and oh, feeling quite jealous of your music stamp! ;-) Hope you enjoy your sewing lessons - have fun!

  4. Oh I can not wait to see what you make. I have your little box on my nightstand I love it

  5. A lot of fun is in store for you! I love those fabrics. Great colors. I really have fun with my sewing projects. Never tire of creating things in my sewing room.

    Have fun and enjoy your day. Dogwood

  6. ooo nothing like a good sale, lovely items you picked up!

    see you in class :)

  7. It's so sad to see shops closing down, but it's a great place to be to pick up some great bargains!! My daughter and I once bought some the the shop furniture really cheap when a florist was closing!

  8. Exciting stuff! I love the music score sheet too! So cool! Be keen to see what you accomplish! xxx

  9. I'm already loving your blog and I just "met" you through kiwicarole's class! Love the sheet music fabric and the little santas. Are those square doilies in the background? I've never seen fabric? paper? in such a form.

    Love your swaps, too.

  10. Hi Jan from Wyoming - I can't get to your Blog !
    The music is a lovely printing stamp & the lace paper -stencils for greetings cards I suppose - I shall cut them up into smaller pieces. I may try to use them as Stencils but they are delicate - I just liked that they look like lace.

    Nice to meet you - enjoy the class !

  11. So NOW you can join in my purple charm thingy.....PLEASE! xxx

  12. so sad that a fabric store is exciting for you to find new goodies!