Monday, 14 June 2010

kiwi carole's course

OOh ! I'm having fun !
This is SO me...
licence to chuck tea & coffee all over the place
IN THE NAME OF ART !!! I added some salt
( & got a bit carried away tonight with the spice rack )
Kiwi Carole's workshop
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  1. LOL can you tell why my blog is called madness and mess???

  2. Lovin' the mess and the effect! I bet your house smells yum-scrum. Carry on with this alternative therapy....... x

  3. Oh my! I am tardy to class! Maybe Thursday I can come!

  4. You ARE having fun! Can't wait to start on mine - not sure where to leave my papers to dry - do you think cat footprints will be a nice artistic addition to the pages? I hope Carole can handle 2 Pennys - we'll have to be sure to get our two cents in now and then, don't you think? from Over the Pond Penny

  5. Look like fun. Nice to try new things. The list of things to do in the world of art is endless. So much fun.

  6. over the pond Penny - I did wonder about paw prints as mine were left to dry on the kitchen table !
    I left a leaf dipped in thick offee on the page to dry & the result is fab ! Put a feather on too & got a faint print.

    I was thinking about hand made pape - how it has " bits " in it

  7. Looking good. Great fun so far isn't it.

  8. Penny, I am only 35 but 3 years ago I had a total hysterectomy because I was very ill and filled pre-cancer cells. Yeah for being a woman. ;o)

  9. Oooo your salt crystals are nice and big and make wonderful patterns ... I used Kosher Salt that we have for making potato salad and its effects are more subtle. Love your papers and your gold foil play too!
    See you in class :)

  10. I'm also having a load of fun with this!! can't wait until we start putting it altogether!Mx

  11. It's so FUN getting messy!

    Especially when we have such nice friendly classmates to play and learn with!

    I've joined your blog and would love you to come and visit me one day. I'll get the teacups out and make you most welcome!!

    Hope to see you soon.

  12. wow - this is exactly the sort of thing we do on the experimental art e-course too, and I simply love the effect with the salt, what a fab idea! I love what we can do in the name of art fromaround the home . . . . looks really great what you are doing :)


  13. Why didn't I think to do this technique with tea and coffee? I've only used watercolors...the cheap kids kind.