Thursday, 17 June 2010

gold leaf

I've been playing with my gold leaf...
& collecting the tiny specs that brush off.
After this picture was taken
I removed some of the gold
using stick tape
then I put that on a piece of paper-
to use for something else !
It's like collecting Gold Dust !

I've also been messing around with
Jewellers' Rouge Powder-
I mixed some in water & dyed some papers.
My brother was a gold polisher for many years...
he used to come home covered in pink dust from the rouge !


  1. At least that was his story and he's sticking to it!! Sweet little gold bird, and I'm lovin' the dyed papers. Now get back prospectin' for gold..........xx

  2. This looks really fantastic, wonderful idea.

  3. The tea-dyed background is perfect for this gold bird! Your papers are looking good. I love the salt effect. This journal class is fun already, and it just began.

  4. ohh I love the effects of the dye on the paper and that little birdie pirched on gold is gorgeous!

  5. I love what you've done with the gold leaf. I've been collecting little booklets of leaf when I go to Thailand. The sell it at temple shops to press squares onto Buddha images at the temples. I've used it in glass beads too.


  6. Oh, lalala! What fun and such a lovely effect. I have some gold and silver leaf paper that I have been ironing onto paper.


  7. I love the look of the gold leaf this way - and your background paper is so lovely and vintage-y (can that be a word???)

  8. Check out my blog. I have given you an Award.

  9. That gold leaf piece is gorgeous!

  10. I love the elegance of this piece! beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  11. I love the colour of this paper! I dyed mine with amongst other things - blackcurrant tea bags and the paper was very dark to start with but as it dried it became a bit lighter and I quite like it now.

    Isn't the class fun? Looking forward to more piccies!

    Barbara :)

  12. wow, that is so beautiful, amazing!