Thursday, 7 October 2010


The prompt for this weeks' inchie at:


My image is of a woman writing to her soldier husband.
The background is
my mother's ration book from the second world war .

Later I added some brown paper & string-
mum always folds & keeps brown paper from parcels
& rolls the string into balls-
This is inbuilt from her childhood during the war
Waste not Want not
everything was saved & recycled. 


I was also thinking of my mother in the early fifties, 
young and with her first baby,
waiting to fly to Malta
to join my father who was posted there.
Dad was a Royal Marine.
Though we were often joined him overseas,
there were times when we didn't.

He was away for a whole year
when my three brothers were little
& mum wrote lots of letters.
Being a teacher,
she wrote out the whole alphabet
so that my dad could practise handwriting
so he could write to my brothers
with lettering they could read.


  1. That's such a sweet inchie, perfect image. What an interesting background story too - what an image of your Dad trying to do his neatest handwriting for his boys. It must have been hard on your Mum coping on her own with him away.


  2. Gorgeous image Penny and I love the memories my little word has evoked - i fear the art of letter writing has gone - my daughter has gone to Uni and though I've sent her a letter I get texts back - I can remember writing my mum loads of letters when I went. sign of the times I suppose

  3. Lovely inchy and wonderful story.

  4. Great feeling to your inchie.. just looking at it brings so many thoughts to mind.. great job!

  5. I love your little inchie, and the story. Weird, I too have used my mothers ration card in a project done this week.

  6. What a lovely post and a fab inchy. I think it is such a shame that people don't write letters much anymore. I bet your dad's letters were treasured.


  7. Such an interesting and touching story. And the inchie is very nice.

  8. What a wonderful inchie and story. It's funny, my Mom just mailed me Grandma's old ration book.