Tuesday, 5 October 2010

match box swap

OK, we have:
1. Lorraine
2. Julie
3. Jo
4. Penny ( US )
5. Lisa
6. Penny ( UK )
7. Jan
8. Kimmie
9. Julia
10. Pixie 
12. Pat


Is that correct ? !
Let me know !

When you have completed your matchbox,
email me at:
to get my postal address.

Send me all twelve boxes.
I'll then sort them into  sets of
The Twelve days of Christmas
and send you yours !
Don't forget to add your address !!!


I am not filling mine with treasures
& mine are quite simple !
I hope they are OK.

No real deadline
as we have plenty of time
but some do have to be sent to & fro the US
so please bare that in mind

Have fun !


  1. These sound very exciting. I shall look forward to seeing them xo

  2. well, not sure if my comment earlier went thru or not, but I will take #10 if you need me to!


  3. This will be a interesting swap I'm sure! I would have liked to play but posting that many boxes internationally would be expensive for both of us! I'm late anyway...will look forward to seeing updates and I love the Quinten Blake illustrations here!

  4. Ok, I'm in then! Thanks:) Let me know the time frame, I don't want to be the one who holds everything up! Also, do we put something in the inside or just an image? Are these for hanging on a tree (and need a loop?) or for sitting on a table, in a bowl...or something?