Sunday, 3 October 2010

the twelve days of Christmas matcbox swap

only number 10  left !!!


My email addy is :

email me to get my home address.
Send all twelve boxes to me
making sure you give me your address
and I will send you back a whole set !


what's the matter chaps ?
never seen a naked lady before ?
Great Quentin Blake illustrations.


We are altering matchboxes
for a
Twelve days of Christmas theme
so each of us will end up with a complete set.

Join us if you can..
simply decorate twelve of the smaller matchboxes
with one of the above days left.

I'll collect them all in
then send a whole set to you
in time for Christmas
to make a lovely decoration.


  1. Hi Penny :)
    Oh, I think you may have twisted my arm LOL!!
    Is seven swans a swimming still available?
    'cos you said (above)that 6 swans a laying has been taken (think this should of been geese?) and '7' is still available?
    Anyway let me know ;)
    Jan x

  2. Oh yes seven swans Jan !! GR8

  3. Hi Penny :-)
    Do I understand correct that after we decorate 12 boxes we are to send them all to you, than you make sets and send the sets to each of us?

  4. Thanks Penny :)
    Off to find some find some Swimming Swans now LOL!
    Oh, do we have to put anything inside our matchboxes?
    Oh, and another question... should we just send 11 to you and keep 1 of our own for our own set?

    Jan x

  5. Hi UK Penny - I'm very interested. Is 4 available? I think I've got the perfect thing to use for it. When do we need to get them to you? US Penny

  6. One more question:
    Shall we fill our matchboxes with some goodies?

  7. Just popped over to see what you've been up to hun. You always do some sweet challenges. The Christmas matchboxes are wonderful. I still treasure mine so much xoxo

  8. HA! Love the Blake illustration you used! That's what I felt like doing when the sun came out after what seem like months without any!!! lol