Monday, 11 October 2010

inchie challenge The Past

Our prompt  for this week's inchie is
The Past.
This had me remembering my best friend Natasha.
We met at primary school aged five-
Tash was hanging upside down on the school railings.

We spent so much time together 
& were ALWAYS dressing up.
We were in a fancy hat competition
and wore our long dresses
 & were photographed for the local paper.
Our dresses were were very like the
Kate Greenaway ones I've used in my inchie.


I've backed my inchie with a vintage
footpaths map
showing the village where we grew up.

We learned our
abc and sums together.
I've smudged some chalk on & some blue ink.
Cleaning the blackboard was considered a treat
 and I remember getting our first
ink pens & getting inky fingers !

I've photographed my inchie
on  the inside cover of an old school book.


Tash & me messing around
in the photo booth-
I'm the one in the silly headband !
( I plaited that out of three long scarves ! )

Great memories from
The Past

Thank you Fiona


  1. This is so pretty! and I love the old photo too. so fun!

  2. It is always lovely to remember the past and think of all the good times.

  3. Popping in to say your lovely (long) package was waiting for me at the neighbors. We returned from California over the weekend. I wanted to wait to open it when it was daylight and have just done so!
    Got the iron out (THAT hardly ever happens unless I am ironing cigar bands or something LOL) and gently ironed the creases out of the gorgeous rolled pieces you sent OH MY! I had no idea they were so big and oh so lovely in person too ... such treasures!
    After I settle in (most of me seems to still be on vacation) I will make and send you something nice!
    Love your photo booth pic ... a blast from the past!
    Thanks so much Penny!

  4. Fab inchy, Penny, I love the colours and style. Definitely from the past! And your photo booth pic made me laugh - are you still in contact with Natasha?

  5. This is brilliant, I love old photos and warm memories, lovely Penny, thanks for sharing x

  6. Your inchy's are lovely Penny and so well thought about evoking wonderful memories!

  7. Wonderful posting Penny ... luv all the details. A lot of thought went into the creation of your inchie, even down to the photograph. Go to the top of the class :o)

  8. Your card is beautiful and I love that every detail has a meaning behind it. Are you all still in touch? Love the photo booth photo!

  9. so pretty. i love what you did. such nice memories of your childhood and friendship.

  10. Wonderful inchie! And I love to read your stories about your creations!
    The picture is also cute and funny)

  11. That is a lovely inchie!

    Please view mine at my blog WhatDoYouMeanByArt. :-)

  12. Fabulous inchie and memories! Thank you for sharing :D XXX

  13. Such a fantastic vintage inchie !