Thursday, 18 November 2010

Twelve days of Christmas match box swap

Packaged & ready to post...
144 little boxes...

12 sets of 12.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
match box swap.

I'll show them

The Twelve days of Christmas !!!


Thanks to everyone who took part.
There were a few moments
when I didn't think it would all come together !!!

Thank you too for all
the lovely presents I received
and postage stamps.

I reckon I'm going to be
blocking the queue at the Post Office tomorrow !!!

I hope I got it right as some of you kept one
of the ones you made sending me 11-
I really hope none of your twelve are missing !

Let me know when they arrive.


  1. and thanks to you Penny for making these swaps so fun. This is one of TWO matchbox swaps I joined this year and my cup runneth over with matchboxes.

  2. This looks awesome, hope I can do this sometime! Looking forward to seeing each one!

  3. They look gorgeous all lined up like that ... looking forward to the reveal over the Twelve Days.


  4. awesome pic Penny! how exciting to see them altogether! Mx

  5. Wow...that is sooooo much work!!! How fun!

  6. They look great all lined up like that! Good luck at the PO tomorrow ;-)

  7. They all look wonderful! I have a little feather tree that I'm going to put them all on. I can't wait to see them in person!

  8. They look lush all sitting there together! Well done for this organizational nightmare - thank you so much, it was fun. Looking forward to receiving them, and, of course, your daily reveal when it really comes to the 12 Days of Christmas.


  9. Great photo - can't wait to get mine - they all look so cute!!!!
    Thanks for doing this - swaps do take alot of effort!!

  10. What an undertaking! They look gorgeous!

  11. Those look wonderful.I can't wait to see them all.I took part in a swap like this at Silver Bella last year. One of my very favorite swaps ever!!!


  12. Wow, that's an amazing picture!
    I acn't wait to receive my set! :-)
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful swap!!!

  13. OMG they look FAB Penny!
    Can't wait to get a set in my hot little hands now! ;)
    What a fun swap!
    ...and Thank you for being a fantastic hostess!
    BTW I've got an award for you on my blog :)
    Jan x

  14. Wonderful photo Penny...aren't they all fabulous!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours!

  15. Wow!! You've been busy. These look great! I'll have to try these some time. Can't wait to see the close-ups of them

  16. Matt (sigh) giggle giggle

    Yes the heart was yours. I didn't mention I made it for you as I have been making them for special blog friends and don't want to upset anyone ;o)

    Hope you are ok. I saw your lovely swap on Alice and Camilla and your dress on the erosion bundle project. Have a lovely week xoxo

  17. mine came today and they are wonderful! many thanks to you and everyone who worked so hard on their little boxes. What a treat!

  18. I'm blown away that you created 144 of these amazing boxes !