Tuesday, 23 November 2010

ichie challenge : Song

This weeks' prompt word at

My Little songbird
wants out of his gilded cage.

Old sheet music, bird in a cage stamp,
gold leaf & flower charm
( from my daughter's broken necklace )

Background  page from an old dictionary.

I didn't know there was a Song Sparrow -
I have sparrows all over my garden
but they are too busy eating seeds to sing !


  1. I adore your inchie! I adore all your inchies!! How do I get involved with the inchie of the week?
    May I ask what material you make your inchies out of....it looks thick and really nice!

  2. Wonderful inchy Penny - I love the added flower charm - ps Missy K and I are going to try and meet up one Thursday before Christmas for a Christmas cuppa if you fancy coming along too x

  3. Ahhhhhh, sweet little birdie! I didn't know there was a Song Sparrow either, like yours ours are too busy eating and fluttering!

    I'm sad the inchybyinch group is winding up soon (have you seen that on the inchybyinch blog?) - do you wanna take it over? Go on, you know you want to!


  4. No Jo No ! ( I'll think about it ! )

  5. What a sweet little cagedd bird and I love how you used that flower charm. Way to repurpose! I'm sad the inchie blog is ending-but I'll still be looking at yours all the time.

  6. I love your little inchy Penny.... its so sweet. See, it IS worth keeping all those little bits and bobs.

    ps re me meeting Fiona for a cuppa/lunch its next week on Thursday 2nd at 1.00!

    Would be good if you could :)


  7. I love all of your inchies! will we see them altogether at some stage?? totally fab!